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Welcome to our classroom!

It's important to me that I encourage creativity and uniqueness in my learners.  One of the most important ways to do that is through classroom decor.

I love the Junk Gypsies and their creative spaces!  For years I had a classroom theme that was related to my maiden name of Hunter.  I had a fully camo-ed out room!  Then, as often happens in schools, I was asked to move classrooms.  I felt it was no better time to revamp my class theme than after the move!  So last year I decided to try to "Junk Gypsy"-tize my classroom.  I wanted something creative, unique, vintage, and bohemian to fit my personality.

After looking online to try to find new ideas, I ran across the Retro Chic decor collection at Mardel's (a Christian-based teacher supply store here in Texas).  I fell in LOVE!  

Last year, my classroom was HUGE, but I had to move rooms again before this year started.  I threw out the classroom desks, hit garage sales and thrift stores, and this is the end result.  Please enjoy a tour of our classroom!

Our door, workstation carts, and PBL board.  Our birthday board is behind the door and is super cool!  Above our door is a wooden "Smile" banner I found at the Target Dollar Spot.  It fit perfectly!

This summer I found the "Come In We are Awesome" banner on Zulily.  I knew it would be the perfect welcome to our classroom!  My sweet Mom added the turquoise fringe border and helped me add the fuchsia tassel to make the banner more creative, welcoming, and interesting.

Telling time is a  BIG focus in our Texas standards.  2nd graders always need extra practice with the concept.  I got inspired by all of the cute clock labels you creative teachers are making, but none really fit my class decor scheme.  So I made my own, complete with boho arrow background!

A view of our classroom from the door.  I sanded, painted, and distressed each table.  I seriously found them ALL at garage sales or were GIVEN some.  I love the way it turned out.

I needed desk organizers to hold whiteboards, Expo markers, glue, and our clickers.  Rather than go with the same 'ol plastic divider bins like I had in the past, I found these super cute, unique, and inspirational organizers at my local Michael's store.  I think they are just perfect!

I love dream catchers and have even began making some for family and friends'  gifts.  Dreaming is important for kids.  Dream BIG!  I wanted  to paint a dream catcher on this table top, but one problem...I'm extremely artistically challenged!  Thank goodness my daughter has a talent for art!  She created this dream catcher and arrow.  Beautiful!

This table is my favorite!  I think it's beautiful!  It pained me a bit to paint it, but I'm so very happy with the way it turned out!

Our Word Wall.  It is nestled beneath our marker board so it is readily accessible and becomes interactive for the learners.

When my husband and I married, he had this table in his garage.  It was ugly and black!  After some elbow grease and sanding, it turned out very bubbly and cool!

To make my Daily 5 rotation headers, I found the Tribal Digital Paper, Clipart, and Accents Set on TpT.  I used one of the clipart images with the arrows, added my own text, and LOVE the turn out!

Our Teacher Table is another "freebie" that was given to me.  I had the benches that were originally my parents from when I was a kid.  I had already painted them turquoise (my favorite color in case you can't tell!) and used them at my wedding reception for shelves on the food table.  They are now benches again to our small group learners.

Keeping up with our boho, dreamer theme I use inspirational words as my table group names.  I used chalkboard-style stickers to create the names (my daughter did this, too!) and glued them onto paper fans.  With a  little fishing twine, they were ready to hang proudly!

The area above my closet and shelves are decorated with paper lanterns and artwork.  I used contractor paper from Lowe's as the background.  It's the perfect vintage feel.  The jar of awesome pens are from Dollar Tree and they are a reward for learners who earn and buy the privilege for special supplies for a day.

Words of wisdom for my little guys!

This might just be my favorite part of my classroom!  I found this 32 inch paper fan at IKEA.  It looks great!

My wooden wall is always a hit with everyone.  All it is is just fadeless paper on a roll in Weathered Wood.  Love, love, love it!!

I made this banner to put above our marker board just as a reminder to the kiddos that #YouMatter!

Using an idea I found on Pinterest, I decided to make a Math Fact Wall.  We are working our way to 20 to find all the different combinations for making these numbers.  The numbers were a freebie from Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris!

View to the back of our classroom.

View to the East of our classroom.

I decided my ficus tree needed some sprucing up, so I put my kiddos to work this summer glitterizing it.  We love the way it turned out!

My desk supply organizer:  a cake stand I used at my wedding from TJ Maxx Homegoods.

Another cute find from Michael's that adorns the front of my teacher desk.

An old globe got a new, abstract life courtesy of my super talented daughter!

Here's where our little authors will check in during Writer's Workshop.

Our student computers sit on my husband's old coffee table that I repainted.

I love the vintage feel of these pillows from Ross.

Our Math Stations and comfy chair sit in the corner of our room.  It's one of the kiddos' favorite places!

To top it off, this pretty artwork is from the Retro Chic collection from Mardel's as well.  I love how it ties everything together and carries out our theme.

Thank you for stopping by and touring our room!  Feel free to email me with any questions you may have!  lthompson@vanalstyneisd.org

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