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I'm Lindsay Thompson and I live in a small town in north Texas.  Born and raised here in the Lone Star State, I can't quite imagine living anywhere else.  I grew up on a small farm and my family still farms and raises cattle to this day.  This year marks my ninth year of teaching.  I completed my student teaching in fourth grade, and y'all, I loved every minute of it!  I was hired to begin my teaching career in that same school, teaching fourth grade.  After one year, I moved to teach fifth grade in the same district.  I was loving the "big kids" and I swore I would never move down grade levels.  But, as we all know, God has His own plan for us, and I moved districts…..and grades….to second grade!

I taught two years of second grade and was then faced with the opportunity that I always wanted…my hometown elementary was hiring.  I applied, interviewed, and was offered a job teaching, wait for it, second grade!

I loved moving back to my little hometown and being able to see my niece and nephew at school each day, but little did I know that God was still lining up His perfect plan.  It was here at my little school that I met my husband, Jay.  We have been married one year and we are parents to two beautiful, brainy, silly, and downright AWESOME kids.  Our daughter will be a seventh grader this year and our son will be a third grader.  They are such good kids, if I say so myself, and I am excited to watch them become their own little selves.

My sweet family!  We love being outdoors!

Our family just built a new home on ten acres where we are now building a barn for our show cattle.  We raise and show registered Horned and Polled Hereford cattle.  We hardly ever spend time indoors.  We are always outside, in the dirt, in the mud, in the grass, playing!  We are very excited to get our barn built so we can finally have all our calves here with us.  This year, help me wish Dixie and Miranda (our show heifers) good luck!

Our growing herd, caught with a rainbow behind them.  What a beautiful sight of God's hands!

I don't know if you will find four people more loving to animals than us!  We have thirty head of cattle, two horses, but just one dog.  And let me just tell you, that one dog is plenty!  My husband jokes and says we should change her name from Dally to "Taz"…she is so active, she must be related to the Tazmanian Devil!

Our kiddos and dog, Dally.  She is a mess!  See…I told you we like to play in the mud…see little Mister's arm???

I have to say, this blog is the single best thing I implemented last year in my classroom.  Parents continually complimented it (I was surprised it was actually getting read!) and they even shared it with family members who didn't live locally.  It is such a great way to involve families in our learning!  I look forward to using this blog to connect with teachers as well this year.

I believe that each learner is unique and that education needs each learner to be themselves!  That's why I named my classroom "Be YOUnique in 2nd Grade."  The world needs all kinds of kinds, if I may borrow Miranda Lambert's words.  I also believe that learning should be an experience.  It should not be inactive and boring.  Telling is not teaching.  Teaching is involving.  I'm a true believer of allowing my learners to make mistakes and to make better mistakes tomorrow.  Teaching must also be relevant to our 21st century learners.  It must be made engaging and rigorous.  My hope is that each day I can be better and make my learners better.  Thanks so much for stopping by!
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