Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cry Baby Extra Sour Plot Events!

Have you ever tried to endure the torture of a Cry Baby Extra Sour gumballs?  They are definitely EXTRA SOUR!  I used them this to teach our class about plot events in a literary (fictional) text.

First, we just observed the gumball.  Some chose to sniff the package.

Then we opened them up and popped them in.  The reactions were priceless!

Now, how does this teach plot, you may ask?  Here's how:

Together we created this anchor chart.  We talked about how when I handed out the gum, we sniffed it, we rattled the wrapper, we oohed, and we ahhed!  We were told to open up the package and try the gum, if we wanted.  Our anticipation grew as we popped the candy into our mouths then....BAM!  Here came the sour!  That was definitely the "climax" of our lesson, the most exciting part, or even the problem.  Then, as the sourness wore off, our tastebuds settled back down, we could feel our tongues again, and life was all good as our problem was resolved.

This series of events is just like the events of a story.  We talked about how oftentimes at the beginning of a story, we get off to a slow start and our anticipation builds.  Then, when we get to meat of the story, the problem, the climax...we hit the high part in the middle.  The events afterwards are all bringing our climax to a resolution and our story finds it's stop.

Was giving out the Extra Sour Cry Baby's to my sweet babies mean?  I guess that can be debated. ;)  But one thing's for sure...they can definitely tell you about plot events!

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